Calvary Frontlines Staff

Below are some of the members that make up our staff here at Calvary Frontlines. This is definitely not an all inclusive list, as we have been blessed with an abundance of volunteers from the Body of Christ that make everything here at Calvary Frontlines possible.

  • Senior pastor:

    Pastor Christopher Reif has been our Senior Pastor since October 2017. Pastor Chris gave his life to Christ in August of 1996, while attending Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. Although originally from Little Rock, he spent over twenty years in North Carolina and in various other countries while serving in the United States Army. It was while serving as a Green Beret, stationed in North Carolina, that Pastor Chris started attending a Calvary Chapel and over the years began serving in multiple ministries there. Those ministries included: running the church's local Christian radio station, The Shield FM, and serving as a deacon, as well as going through a pastoral mentorship program and internship with the senior pastor and staff at Calvary Chapel of the Sandhills. During his time in the military he was also involved in ministry with Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry, which he is still a member of today. It was during his time in motorcycle ministry that he received the call to become a pastor, and began to pursue his calling. Pastor Chris lives here in Fort Smith with his wife of 14 years, Heather Reif, his son Calvin, and his daughter McKenzie.

  • Assistant pastor:

    Joshua McLean